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Excess Baggage Shipping Worldwide for Less

30 years anniversaryThere are few things more frustrating than a delay at the check-in desk, when the airline clerk tells you your bags are too heavy for the class you booked. What to do next? You cannot afford an upgrade, everything you packed is essential, and the flight is leaving in twenty minutes time. You agree to pay the excess baggage fee and almost have a hernia when you discover how much it costs.

How the Excess Baggage System Works

Airlines limit facilities so they can fit in as many passengers as they can. This is why economy seats are narrow, why you have to force your bags into the overhead locker, and why they limit baggage weight. They also have to, because they may not take off if the load is too heavy. IATA regulations put them in a corner and they fight back by penalising overweight passengers.

Most airlines add penalties at the rate of 1% of ticket price per kilo. We do not think it fair to pay as much as $70 per kilogram. We want to save you as much as 80% of your excess baggage penalty.

Full Service Excess Baggage Shipping

Full service excess baggage shipping includes PFS coming to your residence and taking care of everything before forwarding your baggage to it’s destination.

Our mobile office visits you prior to your departure, calculates shipping cost using regular freight routes, prepares the documents for you to sign, and whisks your luggage away direct to the airline or wharf. Our precision systems ensure your valued possessions are ready when you reach your destination.

This pick up service is FREE in the Melbourne metropolitan area on selected days.

One Stop Excess Baggage Service Centre

We place our specialist packing facilities at your disposal, just minutes from Melbourne Airport. You can bring your goods to us unpacked and make use of all our packing facilities and get the shipment sealed and ready for dispatch.

Naturally, the coffee will be on us.

We Take Care of Excess Baggage Shipping Hassles

Excess baggage from Melbourne needs no delays with us. At Professional Freight Services we leave nothing to chance, and employ the best baggage handlers we find in Melbourne.

We can ship your luggage via air freight or sea freight depending on your preference.

Why pay up to 80% extra to stand in queues, when we have been helping customers avoid this for over 25 years? Professional Freight Services just makes more sense and you have savings to make

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*International Students

Since 1996 Professional Freight Services has been delighted to assist international students studying at Melbourne's universities; including Monash University, University of Melbourne, RMIT and more. You may have seen us at information sessions on your campus providing guidance on how best to get your personal effects safely back home.


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